How to Build a Remarkable Company


Wednesday, March 3, 2010 | 6:00PM – 9:00PM
Clearstone Venture Partners: 1351 4th Street, 4th floor Santa Monica, CA

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Don’t be boring, be remarkable. Seems easy, right? It’s not. Just think of how many Twitter and Facebook clones are clogging up the Intertubes!

Being remarkable means taking risks, facing nay-sayers, and doing something that’s never been done before – like Apple, Google and Virgin. What can we learn from those who dreamed big and turned figments of their imagination into businesses that have changed the world? Join us for an inspiring conversation that will challenge you to go from ‘good’ to great – and give you to tools and motivation to rise above the rest.

Kirk Hawkins, Co-Founder ICON Aircraft
Steen Strand, Co-Founder, ICON Aircraft

At this special event, we’re thinking out of the box, so you can too.

  • Startup DNA: How do you build a truly remarkable company?
  • Where does inspiration for “new” ideas come from?
  • How do you promote a new idea to a market that might not yet be defined?
  • Spreading the gospel: turning doubters into believers.
  • How to surround yourself with a winning team.

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