Internship Positions at Bay Street Advisors

Life Sciences Business Development and Strategic Consulting

Bay Street Advisors serves venture-backed and public life sciences companies providing assistance in the areas of strategy, capital sourcing, and business development. The expectation of the intern is to perform like a Senior Associate in the healthcare group of a strategic consulting or equity research group. The Intern will be expected to generate analyses of  scientific, financial, and market information, and as such be equally comfortable with summarizing a medical journal article as he/she is with generating a projected revenue model.

Responsibilities include:

1. Produce summaries of a technology landscape, using primary publications, review articles, and discussions with doctors and scientists to characterize life science and medical technologies.

2. Build models to determine the revenue potential and value of marketed and pipeline products based on competition, IP position, and overall risk- benefit. Value technologies/companies based on DCF, comps, and breakup value

3. Produce written analyses that interpret the primary information collected on a scientific, market or financial topic of interest to the client. Produce client-worthy Power Point files for presentation to management teams and boards of directors.

4. Any ancillary activities required to complete engagements or secure new projects.


1. Unquestionable honesty, integrity, and work ethic.

2. Background in the biological sciences. MD or Ph.D. preferred but not essential.

3. Exceptional writing and interpersonal skills.

4. Fifteen hours per week through the Spring semester. MUST be an independent thinker who can internalize and create it with minimal guidance.

Two Intern positions are available, with an immediate start date. The Internship is unpaid, though a term-end cash bonus will be awarded to candidates who perform exceptionally.

Contact: Vinny Jindal at Bay Street Advisors (


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