Senior Sales Executive Position at Perminova

About Perminova:

Serving hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), Perminova offers the only proven, comprehensive, fully interoperable, web-hosted information system for managing surgeries in operating rooms (ORs). The combination of Perminova’s proprietary Intellectual Property (IP), built on a single common web-based infrastructure platform, enables Perminova to deliver the highest quality system and to meet rapidly changing customer requirements more efficiently than any product in the market.

Perminova’s surgery information management system was co-developed with the UC San Diego Medical Center (UCSD MC) in 2007 for the UCSD MC Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP) Program.  The UCSD MC performs over 2,500 cardiovascular procedures annually and is recognized among the nation’s best hospitals; it has long been where physicians refer their most difficult cases and where new techniques and technologies are developed. It is also where the latest discoveries find their way into clinical practice first.  The significant performance improvements, coupled with unprecedented increases in revenue and reductions in IT expenses, inspired UCSD Medical Center to spin Perminova off to be an independent company to serve not only the UCSD MC, but also for the greater good of US healthcare community. For more information, visit

Job Description:

VP Sales will report to the COO and will be responsible for direct sales, as well as for developing and leading a national sales team.  VP Sales will be responsible for the direction and management of all sales and business development operations, including market competitiveness, pricing, compensation, and distribution and channel strategy. This position may include responsibility for business development. VP Sales will drive the company’s achievement of its customer acquisition and revenue goals.


·         Oversee the hiring and development of a US sales organization, appropriate for the company’s maturity/size.

·         Be a role model for the company culture.

·         Establish compensation, training, and sales incentive programs.

·         Drive the development of national, and, if appropriate, international sales strategies.

·         Work closely with VP Marketing to develop, establish, and direct channel and distribution strategies and programs.

·         Maintain key customer relationships and develop and implement strategies for expanding the company’s customer base.

·         Develop and execute lead programs.

·         Manage overall sales process, set appropriate metrics for sales funnel management.

·         Develop pricing policies, including volume discounts and terms and conditions, for high-profile customers and channel partners.

·         Participate in sales forecasting and planning.

·         Customer Business Plan creation, presentation and review

·         Develops and implements strategic sales plans to accommodate corporate goals

·         Researches and develops lists of potential customers

·         Establishes and maintains industry contacts that lead to sales

·         Conduct market research to determine customer needs and dissemination of such information

·         Monitors and evaluates the activities and products of the competition.

·         Maintains up-to-date understanding of industry trends and technical developments that effect target markets


·         At least 12 years sales experience in comparable industries, with 5 years in a senior management position.

·         Ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational levels.

·         Ability to recruit, develop and manage sales teams.

·         Established contacts and relationships with potential customers and channel partners.

·         Outstanding consultative selling abilities and excellent interpersonal skills with executive level customers and partners.

·         Proven evangelical sales track record in a new product/new market environment.

·         Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and staff to create a results-driven, team oriented environment.

·         Experience with a specific sales methodology, sales funnel management.

·         Experience in choosing, deploying and using marketing and sales CRM applications.

·         Capacity to assume more significant executive responsibilities over time.


Perminova is an early-stage company.  As such, compensation is heavily weighted on equity (stock options) and better than industry standard sales commissions.


Scott Patridge, CFO

Email: |    Website:


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