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Mindshare LA

Mindshare takes place on every on every third Thursday of the month (unless indicated otherwise) and gathers energized people from diverse backgrounds for an evening of inspiration and interaction in Downtown LA. The event starts at 7pm and as the attendees arrive, they can meet new people while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and a stocked, reasonably priced cash bar. The program begins at 8:30, and consists of a few 10 minute talks and performances from a variety of disciplines. You can see a list of our past programs here..

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Every month we also showcase new installations and games for our attendees to experience and interact with, created by the great brains at Mindshare Labs.

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Our venue changes from time to time, but we stay focused on the downtown area. You can see the pics from a typical event here if you’d like to get more a feel for the event.

Mindshare was created to serve as a platform for networking and the sharing of ideas across a wide range of fields.

The evening consists of presentations, food, drink, art and music, within the ambiance of a stunning loft outside of downtown LA. Founded in 2006 by alum of Art Center, RISD, Caltech, Claremont and Stanford, Mindshare works to foster a sense of community within this vast city.

We offer a consistent format, concocted from some of our most successful elements in the past:
Attendees gather in the conference space. There is food and a reasonably priced cash bar. There will be chill tunes to set the mood 😉
8:30pm-10pm: INSPIRATIONS
There is a projector for the presentations and each speaker gets 5-10 minutes to talk about anything that they find interesting: what inspires them, something they’re working on, a recent adventure they went on, a discovery they made, etc. A musical act often ends this segment.
Come to enjoy the experience and leave with some new friends and business contacts.